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Bradford & Marzec LLC, founded in 1984, manages fixed income portfolios utilizing a dynamic, long-only investment style. With each economic cycle the Firm’s top-down, relative value process seeks to add excess return by shifting between fixed income sectors. The efficacy of that process, refined over many economic and financial cycles, has proved its resiliency.

We invest directly in the cash bond markets with limited use of derivatives. Our size and focus on liquid securities enable quick and meaningful implementation of our portfolio strategies. We are able to shift among sectors without adversely affecting pricing in most market conditions. Counterparty risk for our clients is minimal given our limited use of derivatives.
Our Senior Portfolio Management team averages more than 31 years of investment experience.

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The Growing Asymmetry of Global Risk

From a US investment perspective, it is easy to be complacent. After all, the US dollar is strong and capital is flowing into the US at a rapid pace (supporting several US regional real estate markets – such as Miami, California, Hawaii, New York – all of which presently benefit from overseas buyers), so there seems little cause for concern.

These flows are driven by a combination of expected higher US interest rates, fear in the peripheral economies, and rising US asset prices driven by the higher dollar. Yet it is unwise to think that what is occurring in the global periphery will continue to go here to continue reading




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